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Psalm 23 in Hebrew.


This is a great resource about the psalm. It presents the scripture in the original hebrew (in standard alphabet form, and in the original hewbrew script), with a translation into english underneath. There are also sound files to click enabling you to hear how the words of the psalm are pronounced in Hebrew. Also an interesting commentary on psalm, with some revealing insights into the meaning behind the words.


Wikipedia article on Psalm 23


This contains a short summary of the scripture, and outlines how it is used in the Jewish and Christian traditions. There is also an extensive list of how the psalm has been used in popular culture (tv and film etc) and how it has been set to music through the ages. Also included are two useful mp3 recordings of the Crimond tune and one by James Leith Macbeth Bain.

Psalm 23 Ministry


An organisation seeking to support those who are facing difficult times, by prayer and spiritual support. The site contains links to inspirational videos, a prayer site, inspirational words and a 'five point health checkup'.


Commentary on Psalm 23


A useful bible study on "The Lord is My Shepherd" by Gordon Churchyard, including the words to the psalm, followed by a brief synopsis. The article than cites associated scriptures and poses some interesting questions.


Clarke's Commentary on Psalm 23


A fairly lengthy and considered exposition of the scripture by Adam Clark. The commentary goes through the psalm verse by verse and concludes with an analyses of the scripture.





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