Psalm 23


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psalm 23 verse 2


An Analysis of Psalm 23 verse 2 by Adam Clarke


Verse 2. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures]
binoth deshe, not green pastures, but cottages of turf or sods,
such as the shepherds had in open champaign countries; places in
which themselves could repose safely; and pens thus constructed
where the flock might be safe all the night. They were enclosures,
and enclosures where they had grass or provender to eat.

Beside the still waters.] Deep waters, that the strongest heat
could not exhale; not by a rippling current, which argues a
shallow stream. Or perhaps he may here refer to the waters of
Siloam, or Shiloah, that go softly, Isa 8:6, compared with the
strong current of the Euphrates. Thou hast brought us from the
land of our captivity, from beyond this mighty and turbulent
river, to our own country streams, wells, and fountains, where we
enjoy peace, tranquillity, and rest.

The old Psalter gives this a beautiful turn: On the water of
rehetyng forth he me broght. On the water of grace er we broght
forth, that makes to recover our strengthe that we lost in syn.
And reheteis (strengthens) us to do gude workes. My saule he
turned, that es, of a synful wreche, he made it ryghtwis, and
waxyng of luf in mekeness. First he turnes our sautes til hym; and
then he ledes and fedes it. Ten graces he telles in this psalme,
the qwilk God gyfs til his lufers, (i.e., them that love him.)