Psalm 23


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psalm 23 verse 3


An Analysis of Psalm 23 verse 3 by Adam Clarke


Verse 3. He restoreth my soul] Brings back my life from
destruction; and converts my soul from sin, that it may not
eternally perish. Or, after it has backslidden from him, heals its
backslidings, and restores it to his favour. See the old
paraphrase on this clause in the preceding note.

In the paths of righteousness] bemageley tsedek,
"in the circuits" or "orbits of righteousness." In many places of
Scripture man appears to be represented under the notion of a
secondary planet moving round its primary; or as a planet
revolving round the sun, from whom it receives its power of
revolving, with all its light and heat. Thus man stands in
reference to the Sun of righteousness; by his power alone is he
enabled to walk uprightly; by his light he is enlightened; and
by his heat he is vivified, and enabled to bring forth good fruit.
When he keeps in his proper orbit, having the light of the glory
of God reflected from the face of Jesus Christ, he is enabled to
enlighten and strengthen others. He that is enlightened may
enlighten; he that is fed may feed.

For his name's sake.] To display the glory of his grace, and not
on account of any merit in me. God's motives of conduct towards
the children of men are derived from the perfections and goodness
of his own nature.